Our Courses

Your kitchen is the place you feel most comfortable, which is why it’s the perfect place to learn how to cook. Not only are you used to it, but everything you have is there… great.

Maybe you want to sharpen up on your knife skills; whether its chopping the perfect onion or de-jointing a beautiful organic chicken for your family to enjoy. Maybe you just need some inspiration for those mid-week suppers (we all get stuck in a rut) No matter what your aim is, Pop can help you- why not invite a few friends over so that you can all share the experience?!

All of our classes are suitable for individuals and groups.

Check out our courses below, email us or call us on 07595 89 55 73 to find out how we can help.

Kitchen Masters- £99pp

This is our 5-hour flagship course and arms you with loads of skills, techniques, tips and tricks to develop flavour and create dishes that really deliver on style. Together, we will create nibbles and a further 4 courses to ensure that eating in is better than eating out.

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Knife Skills- £35pp (minimum group of 4)

Our most popular course, knife skills allow you to cook precisely, efficiently and safely. Over the 2 hour class we will talk about how to choose and maintain a great knife, as well as preparing vegetables, fruits and herbs in a number of ways resulting in an incredible broth that will be enjoyed together at the end of the class.

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Light & Bright- £59pp

These are the dishes that we love the most; simple, quick and healthy. It makes so much sense that our dinners should make us feel happy, nourished and full of energy but equally as important is delivering on budget and the ability to become a creative cook.

In this 2 hour course we will create two dishes together, with each dish focussing on a number of simple principles and techniques to ensure that you have the skills to be a creative, confident cook.

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Fish Cookery- £59pp

We are head over heels in love with all types of fish her at Pop. From sustainable, line-caught mackerel to rope-grown mussels and organically farmed salmon from Loch Duart, we really do love it all.

In this course, we will cover 3 different preparations for fish; two hot, one cold to give you a clear understanding not only of how to prepare fish but also what to serve with it, which can often be just as complicated! You will choose the fish we prepare, to ensure we deliver on the things that you want to learn.

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Perfect Pastry- £69pp

If you would like to wow your friends and finish your dinner parties with style, this is the perfect course for you!

We’re adept at all styles of pastry work but love focussing on those all-time classics; from salted chocolate fondants to Amalfi lemon tarts- just let us know what you love and we’ll make your dreams come true!

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If you would like to buy a Pop Cookery Class for a friend, but don’t know what to buy- why not try a voucher? Call us on 07595 89 55 73 to sort yourself out.